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Hope you're all enjoying the Summer. . .The ol' Blancos boys and myself are super duper busy, so not a whole lot of jazz playing to report. . .However

I've finally stepped into the millenium and I've stepped up my internet marketing just a touch!

Below are links to all the new places you can find me,

We now have a MySpace page which is a real blast. If you're unfamiliar with this website, please go check out mine, and I'll warn you, you might be there for a while. It's a fabulous networking site which, in addition to use by individuals, also allows bands to basically have their own website for free. I have four full songs up for listening, and all kinds of information.

Furthermore, as you'll see, the networking comes in to play as MySpace users become each other's "friends" by making a simple request. So you'll see both fans and music industry types alike. On my page, you can see my friends, and by clicking on them, their own pages, and then their friends, and their friends, etc., etc. ALSO, I can post the dates of my shows there, so that's the best place to find where I/we will be playing! (Presently posted: solo gigs at Phoebe's and an Intention gig at Ithaca's ABC Cafe!)


We're now registered at CD Baby! This is an extremely cool website, especially for unsigned/independent bands/musicians. Not only do they help in distribution by making our CD's available via internet and thousands of physical stores everywhere, but they also help with the possibility of licencing material to those looking for original music and give tons of great, free marketing tips to all of us artist/non-business-oriented types.

Please check them out and support if you can. At least take a look around and check out the free music samples! (As always, there is also a Los Blancos page there, just search us at the site!)

We're now registered at Another very cool spot, this is a review site. Anyone is allowed to review the music there in a blindfolded fashion. One finds reviews from AROUND THE WORLD! There are all kinds of indie/unsigned musicians/bands there, and for real, anyone is allowed to review. There are many categories from which to choose!

The trick is, though, if I want my own music to be reviewed, I have to review 30 pairs of songs. I'm not quite there yet, but soon! Then folks can pay me back by letting me know what they think of my songs. . .

CD's are also available for sale there, but the networking is truly worldwide.

The Intention was the Featured Artist of the Month of June on 570WSYR on the AM dial, and also at their website: Newsradio 570 WSYR Syracuse
(just click the Intention link on the Home page)

Local jazz on the radio (kinda hard to believe really. . .)


The Intention plays for Arthritis Foundation
on April Fool's Day

No joke! The Intention, featuring your's truely and Ithaca's David Salce
(Big D & the Tasty Cafe, Donna Colton, Kh'mi), will perform at Jazzmatazz on Saturday, April 1.
The event will take place at Ohm Lounge in Armory Square from 4-7pm and will benefit the Arthritis Foundation. The duo will be playing and singing an assortment of party-pop-jazz tunes, some of which are featured on the band's self-titled release from this past summer.
For tickets to the event, call Deana at 569-4228
Hope to see you there!

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